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How To Become A Life Coach?

If you’re serious about making a career as a life coach, you need to know the reality of how to become a life coach.

I’ve been a professional coach for over 10 years and I’ve earned a good living. So I feel qualified to comment on this subject.

There are four essentials in my book.

First, you must have a deep-seated need to be of service to other people.

Second, you need the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Third, you need t0 be able to work through your client’s “blockages”. By that I mean the issues that are getting in their way and stopping them getting on with having good and happy lives.

This is the one that most aspiring life coaches come unstuck on… fourth, you need to be able to build a portfolio of cash-paying clients.

Not only that, but you need to be able to go on and on winning new clients so that someone is always paying you.

Listen… I don’t know whether I’m one of the great coaches. I wouldn’t know how to measure that. But I do know that a lot of my clients seem to get what they want from my services.

Not only that but they’re prepared to write and tell me they’ve benefited from the experience of being coached by me.

What, you ask me is the secret of my success?

Well, I’ll tell you… I think the most important skill I possess is the ability to generate a solid base of cash-paying customers.

If you want to know how to become a life coach I would say you need to give serious consideration to how you’re going to get clients.

The most common blunder aspiring coaches make is to assume that if they become good coaches then clients will just show up. Wrong.

More Life Coach Marketing Help 

I’ve just upgraded the life coach marketing help I can give you by adding a new blog.

The title is and it should be visible in the next few hours.

Basically the blog is about what you should NOT do if you want to build a successful and profitable coaching practice.

Life coach marketing takes just as much skill as any other form of marketing and you need to know what to do.

It just seems that people have a natural tendency to do the wrong thing.

So, I thought it would help to define what the “wrong thing” is when it comes to life coach marketing.

I hope that the blog will save you as much money as it cost me in making all the mistakes.